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Our Promise

Support, innovation & growth
Localised professional support

A major factor which sets Hytera apart from its competitors is the localised service and support they are able to provide you around the clock. No repair, task or customer query is ever too big or small. Part of Hytera’s business policy of providing a local service is to build relationships with dealers in the established market and with local support available allows benefits of easier communication and cultural understanding. At Hytera Canada we understand outsourcing support would be taking a few steps back rather than striving towards a better future.

Investment & innovation

Hytera takes advanced technologies and reliable quality as core part of its business.

With increased demands, Hytera invests its resources ensuring revenue is invested in the R&D allowing them to stay at the forefront of leading and ever-changing technologies.

Grow together

Hyteras ethics are based on building relations and working towards creating, fulfilling and achieving customer satisfaction. In order to grow Hytera understands its strategy is to fully understand customer needs and demands; only then they be able to create value and set themselves apart from others in the market. For dealers this is the perfect opportunity to work in sync with Hytera and share their success story. With the latest technology, reliable and valuable products dealers would portray the same message and confidence, Hytera has in its products

Our Partners
About the portal

The new Hytera Partners portal is an excellent resource for anybody working with Hytera and their products. We use the portal on a regular basis and it has helped keep us up to date with Hytera’s products and Marketing materials. The portal has been designed in an extremely user-friendly and logical way and is a pleasure to use.

John Laing

Creative Director ; hey moscow

I just want to say what a great resource the Hytera partner portal is proving to be. The availability of high quality pictures of radios and accessories is really helpful, especially as I am currently finalizing the new G6 website.

Andrew J Clark

Managing Director ; G6-global

I would like to congratulate you and your colleagues that are involved on this project – it is a great step forward, long overdue and I wish you all every success in the delivery of an asset that will help Dealers to develop the Hytera brand within their own product portfolios and of course to promote Hytera.

Alan Nuttall

Sales Support ; Ninehundred Communications Ltd